Stress free baby carrier without buckels or adjustment.Take your baby with you “on-the-go” in just 3 easy steps!

Improve the comfortable and stability.

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Enjoy more fun with Wasit carry!
Stress free! Only 3 steps to wear!
Reduces the burden on your waist dramatically
Well designed for safety structure

●Recommended age: a baby who can sit up by him/herself
around 4 months old (7kg/15lbs ) ~ around 36 months old (13kg/29lbs).
Waist size is available up to around 105cm.


Have more fun with Wasit carry!

Quick pick up and take down your baby!

Don’t worry about storage. Just wear it on your waist.
☆Wearing waist carry does not increase body temperature like most conventional baby carrier.

Waist carry allows you and your baby to go where strollers will not.

Baby strollers are not always safe in crowded places. Baby strollers are often bumped into due to their size and location during use.In addition, the baby is far from parents, so they can not see their baby at all times. If you carry your baby with baby carrier, your baby is more safe as you can see him/her always.

A baby in a stroller is around 50 - 60 cm from the earth which is much lower than adults.
This height causes many problems to babies; heat, car exhaust, dust, cigarette etc.

Car exhaust

The exhaust outlet of passenger automobiles and cargo trucks is around 40 cm from the earth.
The car exhaust is easily stirred up by automobiles and very dangerous to babies in strollers.

Smoking while walking

The cigarette height of smoking while walking is just nearby baby’s height on while in a stroller.
Furthermore, the risk will increase in case of crowded area.


Babies are weak for heat. Their body temperature is already around 1 degree higher than an adult. When you put your baby in a stroller,
please be careful. Reflected heat from the earth will increase the temperature in the height of your baby; the temperature of their atomosphere is around 3 degrees higher than yours. This 3 degrees gap is equal to wearing “thermal underwear”. Consider how miserable your baby would feel in thermal underwear during the summer.


 Only 3 steps for easy wearing!

Quick carry

Set waist belt with velcro tape in front side of your waist.Set waist belt buckle and move wait carry to your front side.Carry your baby on center of the waist carrier. Please support your baby with your hands.

Firm carry

Attach separated support parts to waist carry. Make sure the fastener’s grip is fixed with the stopper.Carry your baby on center of the waist carrier. Adjust the length of shoulder belt to your body.


Reducing the burden on your waist dramatically!


Well designed for safety structureWell designed for safety structure

Great points of 7 features.

Angled seating surface prevents a baby from falling down.

Parts name and functioins

Parts name and functioins

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Turquise
  • Shocking Pink


Material: Cotton 100% Country of origin: Korea

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