ALL MESH Baby Carrier with Supericr Air Flow !

Stretchable mesh allow for a more comfortable and convenient carrier!

Benefits (Click on each category for details)

Soft mesh material,enhances air flow for both parent and child!
Reduces Shoulder burden with soft waist belt
Comfortable and Easy-to-Use baby carrier
Specially designed “Safety Board” for maximum protection of baby’s neck & back.

The Side Plus All Mesh carrier, is suitable for use by both Mother & Father.


Comfortable baby carrier with unique ALL MESH material.

Heat and Humidity

Many baby carriers are not designed for long term use , especially in warmer conditions. However, The Side Plus All Mesh allows both parent and child to remain comfortable in both humid and hot climates.

A baby is usually 1 degree higher than adults as their metabolism is 2 or 3 times more active than adults. Therefore, when adults carry a baby, their body temperature increases as well.In addition, babies higher body temperatures can lead to added moisture inside carriers, causing discomfort for both the parent and child.

We surveyed 50 groups of parents with babies, 75% stated that “their baby gets sweaty while carrying with a baby carrier”, especially, the head and back area. Side Plus All Mesh has surperior air flow in the head and back area. In addition, out of sight parts are also designed for further comfort while carrying in hot and humid weather.

Side Plus All Mesh adapts special mesh for superior air flow.
The air flow is 5 times more than fabric in conventional baby carriers.

Side Plus All Mesh
Side Plus All Mesh
Conventional baby carrier
Conventional baby carrier

The above images show the result of a thermography test: carrying a baby for 10 minute’s in a 30 degree temperature room. As you can see, Side Plus All Mesh releases heat. (Red color means hotter than blue.)

サイドプラス オールメッシュ生地

Lucky Industry Co., Ltd. Tested in Industrial Technology Center, Gifu Prefectural Government in Japan.


The mesh of Side Plus All Mesh has maximum cushion. Conventional baby carriers are also soft by inserting cushion in shoulder parts. However, the cushion often moves to the side while carrying a baby for a while. But, the mesh of Side Plus All Mesh itself has a soft body. Therefore, it will fit to you and your baby comfortably, for every use.  


The most comfortable position for a baby is the “C-curve” (when the baby is curled into a “C” like position). Most conventional carriers do not achieve the “C-curve”
because the fabric does not have stretch. However, Side Plus All Mesh has moderate stretch and so, it can let your baby’s back curve like a “C”.

Side Plus All Mesh adapts “3D Mesh”

Soft cushion shoulder belt,Soft cushion shoulder belt

3D mesh has moderate stretch, too.

The unique mesh not only offers cushioning characteristics, but also a moderate stretch. This stretch will allow the baby carrier to fit you and your baby with great comfort.

Side Plus All Mesh

Conventional baby carrier


Advanced waist belt will decrease the burden on your shoulders dramatically!

Shoulder Stiffness

When you carry your baby for a long time, you feel burden on your shoulder first. To avoid this fatigue, sharing your baby’s weight on to your waist is very important. However, some of the baby carrier’s waist belt is too hard and therefore, it will not fit your waist adequately.

☆Air hole for high air flow will also soften the waistbel.

Shoulder and waist belt will disperse your baby’s weight effectively.

Moderate width for baby’s crotch portion

Too much width is not good to your baby. Side Plus All Mesh is designed to fit your baby appropriately.

Comfortable crotch width


Easy usage baby carrier

Face-to-face carrying position is very easy, but how about piggy-back or carrying a baby in under-arm position? Don’t worry, Side Plus All mesh is very easy to use even for piggy-back or under-arm position.
* Piggy-back position won’t burden your back like face-to-face carrying position. * Carrying in cunder-arm position is good your baby’s neck. (Neck is the weakest point on a newborn baby.)


Set your baby with “Safety Support” and sling it.To fit your body, adjust shoulder strap. ☆“Head and back support board” will support your baby’s neck and back firmly.


Set your baby with “Safety Support”. Fasten soft waist belt and cradle your baby. To fit your body, adjust shoulder strap, waist belt and stabilizer buckle. ☆“Sleeping Support” will prevent your baby from swinging his/her head.


Set your baby with “Safety Support”. Fasten soft waist belt and sling shoulder belt over your shoulder.To fit your body, adjust shoulder strap, waist belt and stabilizer buckle. ☆For small baby, please use “Head and back support board” to sustain baby’s neck.

● Side Plus is ready for use as a baby carrier right out of the package in the carrying a baby in the under-arm position.

Very easy to change the carrying style.

Side Plus All Mesh is easy to use not only for your first baby, but also, 2nd, 3rd etc. It is very simple to change from “carrying in under-arm position” to “face-to-face carrying position” and “piggy-back carrying position.”. The reverse procedure is also very simple.

Ring for “carrying in 
under-arm position”Ring for “face-to-face and piggy-back carring position”.


“Head and back support board” protects your baby’s neck and back.

Be careful of your baby’s neck!

The weakest point on babies are “their neck”. Their neck’s muscle is too weak to support their head. In addition, when they are in a baby carrier, they easily fall asleep. Therefore, their head tends to swing around. As the result, their brain gets bad influence. Hood is useful to support baby’s head, but not perfect. You have most likely seen babies heads leaning out of their carrier as they relax, which can be a safety hazard.
Everytime we see it, we are worried about the baby’s head.“Head and back support board” will protect your baby’s neck and brain perfectly.

Safety Support sets your baby to the carrier firmly.
Therefore, you can enjoy piggy-back without any stress.

Purpose for new function,Sleeping suport

Parts name and functions

Improve air flow, even in out of sight parts.

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Qualified SG standard in Japan  Material: 3D polyester mesh   Country of origin: China

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