Specialized baby carrier for longer hours carry.

Lucky is a well established Japanese baby carrier company that has developed a baby carrier designed to increase comfort for both the parent and baby when the carrying time is for longer hours.

 Shoul Raku focuses on the body temperature or heat of both the parent and baby.

Benefits (click on each category for details)

Double parts of mesh system: Comfortable change & Shoul Raku Comfortable mesh

UV 90% MaterialWaist and Shoulder Support

Inner pad for Newborn babySafety Declaration

Recommended Age

Face-to-Face Carrying Position: A baby who can hold his/her head up, usually around 4 to 24 months old (up to 28lbs/13kg).
Piggy-Back Position: A baby who can hold his/her head up, usually around 4 to 36 months old (up to 33lbs/15kg).
**For Newborns: Use the Shoul Raku inner pad for babies who cannot hold their head up on their own (10 days to 4 months old).**

Benefit 1

The Double Part Mesh System makes it more comfortable for BOTH the parent AND their baby!

A baby is much warmer and perspires more often than an adult. The reason is that the baby's metabolism is more than 2 times of an adult's metabolism (per weight).

When you carry your baby for a long period of time, the baby's body temperature and perspiration can increase. This can be uncomfortable for both the parent and the baby.

The Double Part Mesh System creates an air way between the parent and their baby and releases the heat both bodies have produced. Furthermore, because the mesh separates the parent and the baby from one another, their sweat will not accumulate. Regardless of the season, when a parent carries their baby for long periods of time, they WILL perspire and can often suffer from heat rash. Shoul Raku is a well recommended product to reduce perspiration and heat rash for both the parent and child.

Mesh System 1: Comfortable Change

Easily opens and closes by fastener. The "Comfortable Change" is very useful during seasonal changes and sudden "temperature" changes that can be caused by indoor air conditioners.

Mesh System 2: Shoul Raku Comfortable Mesh

Baby's side: Tight mesh netting is very soft to the hand's touch which is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

Parent's side: Larger mesh netting increases the performance of the air flow between the parent and child.


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Benefit 2

Carrying from the Waist AND Shoulders decreases the amount of discomfort that may occur from long periods of carrying time, making it more comfortable for the parent and their baby.

The wide waist belt and thick shoulder pads disperse the baby's weight over the parent's shoulders and throughout their waist. Holding a baby with "shoulders and waist" properly will allow the parent to be comfortable regardless of the carrying time.

Shoul Raku is light baby carriers, weighing only 600g
(nylon carrier) / 650g (other Shoul Raku carriers).


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Benefit 3

UV 90% Material Prevents Harmful Ultraviolet Rays.

A baby's skin is very sensitive, especially to ultraviolet rays from the sun. We used UV protective material on the hood of the Shoul Raku.


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Benefit 4

The Shoul Raku Soft Inner Pad protects your newborn baby and theirdelicate skin. With the Inner Pad, you can use Shoul Raku for a baby once they are 10 days old.

New born babies are so fragile. If he/she is carried with baby carrier, it will burden him/her a lot. Shoul Raku inner pad is a well researched item for new born babies. It will protect new born babies softly.


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Benefit 5

Japanese Safety Standard

The safety of your baby is most important. We focus on the cloth, accessories, inspection, and safety system to provide you with a well-designed and manufactured product.


Babies are very delicate and may have extremely sensitive skin. We take quality control very seriously. Each inspection is done by a third party for each production, focusing on color fastness, tear strength, formalin, etc.

Formalin & Azlo dyeing

Recently, Formalin has been restricted widely due to the risks and side effects it has been known to cause. Lucky Industry takes measure to avoid these risks: Inspections in each step - cloth, material, factory, warehouse, and office.


The buckle is the most important accessory to hold the baby in the carrier safely. The baby's weight is mainly concentrated on the buckle. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the buckle can break. Lucky Industry uses the most reliable, safe, and efficient buckle in the baby carrier industry, the YKK. YKK's standards are the strictest in environmental testing. When developing the new buckle, they spent almost a year studying the accessory and inspecting its performance. In addition to their research, they inspect each buckle 5 times, material purchasing, during production, after production, and packaging. They exclusively inspect our buckles BEFORE shipping.


Shoul Rakus are sewn by experts who have been sewing baby carriers for more than 10 years. Of course, it is made in Japan.


Lucky Industries seriously controls quality from purchasing our cloth stage. We also inspect at the sewing stage and product test in the sewing factory, and finally another inspection at our independent inspection factory.

Safety Belt minimizes the risk

Without the safety belt, there is a possibility to drop your baby in the piggy-back carrying position. A baby might slip out from the side of the baby carrier. If you use the safety belt correctly, you can prevent such an accident from occurring.


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Just for easy-to-use

Easy to adjust waist belt

For more comfort while wearing the Shoul Raku, you can adjust the waist belt to fit you perfectly. For easy adjustment, the Shoul Raku buckle is place on the back side. If the buckle were located on the side, it would be difficult to adjust depending on if the parent was left or right handed. Locating the buckle on the back makes adjusting the buckle easy for anyone. In addition, an extra belt can be stored with an elastic band.

Important point


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Parts name and functions


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Recommended age

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Shoul Raku Inner Pad


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Company introduction

Lucky Industry Co., Ltd

We, Lucky Industry Co., Ltd has the longest history as baby carrier manufacture in Japan (77 years old). "It is our goal to always provide you with the best functioning and quality products in the baby carrier industry."


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